Anespa and Ukon are part of Enagics Trifecta. A Trifecta means that you start your business by investing in three different products: the K8, the Anespa and your Ukon membership. I will be talking more about that topic in the Business opportunity section.

The Anespa is a shower filtration machine. It removes all chlorine and remineralizes the water you shower in which leads to healthy and clean, skin and hair.

During the day our skin is exposed to mutiple chemicals and pollutants. As the skin is our largest organ we should definetely consider paying more attetion to what we expose it to.

You absorbe six times more volatile chemicals through your lungs and skin while showering or bathing than you would through drinking chlorinated water.

So, if you‘re going to improve your health by drinking Kangen Water why not go all the way and not expose your body to chemicals in your home at all?

Your Anespa contains Tufa – a mineral stone which gives your water the relaxing effect of a hot spring, Mic Stone – generates activated mildly alkaline water which will be comforting for your skin and Power Stone – generates strong negative-ions.

Showering with your Anespa can help with dry skin and dry scalp.

Ukon supplies you with tumeric. You can either buy capsules, tea or body soap. It‘s entirely up to you. Tumeric has highly anti-inflammitory effects and is rich in antioxidants. It also improves your digestion and helps your memory.

I hope this helps you.

Thank you for being here and see you soon,