Hi everyone and welcome back! In the course of Tough Love Tuesday 7, I’d love to talk about some consequences today.

Why are consequences important? Because everything in our lives is based on having consequences. We need consequences to our actions in order to get stuff done!

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look:

Example 1: I work out almost everyday. Why do I do that? Because if I don’t I won’t feel as good about myself and I also won’t look the way I want to look. I also like working out that is why it makes me feel extra good.
→ I workout because I don’t want to face the consequences of not working out.

Example 2: Every employee gets shit done at work. Why is that? Because they are hired to do a certain job and if they don’t they might get yelled at, then get a warning and finally will be fired.
→ Employees get shit done because they don’t want to get fired aka face the consequences of not getting shit done.

Example 3: Procrastinating. You wait and wait and wait to get something done. You know that the consequences will be that you are stressed out and won’t have enough time to properly finish your task. You will only be able to do the bare minimum.
→ We’ve all done this. Chosen the consequences we knew would come for the comfort we could pretend we had before finally having to finish our task.


If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that I have this new thing going on.
When I get really angry at something that I have no control over and therefor am not able to change at that moment, I have to go for a run.
Not immediately if I don’t have the time or energy but at least on the next day.

This has been a really helpful task for me, you know why?

Because me getting angry suddenly had consequences. And this has helped me to actively trying to find a solution for that problem rather than keeping on being angry.

And also, I am not a runner which means that I try sooo hard not to get angry because I really, really don’t want to go for a run.

I think it is so important to think about what the consequences to our actions are.
Of course, this is essential when we talk to other people because we don’t want to hurt anyone, right?! So we have to choose what we say because our words might have consequences not only for us but for someone else.

I’d also like to talk about consequences in context of being self-employed. Because I think holding yourself accountable is the hardest part of that. BUT what are the consequences if you DON’T hold yourself accountable?
For me it means: I probably wouldn’t make any sales, I wouldn’t have a routine at all which makes me feel lost and sometimes even anxious, I wouldn’t get anything done and overall I wouldn’t feel good.

So this sucks right? But I know all of this and it’s why I hold myself accountable.

Another interesting context for consequences is self-care.
I know that sometimes it can feel like there is just no time to put yourself first or do something nice for yourself and maybe it even feels like there is no use.
But what are the consequences of you not putting yourself first? You will feel less energized if you don’t take the breaks you need and deserve, you will get less done because of that, maybe you even feel some kind of self-hatred (I know I do when I don’t take care of myself) and you will continuously try to push yourself further than you can actually go.

So it is good to be aware of the consequences you could be facing. Because I am sure we would rather face the consequences and change something about them than just sit in self-pity and wait for it to be over.

The next time you want to procrastinate or you get angry and just stay angry think about the consequences!
Take the time to write them all down, maybe force yourself to go for a run or whatever feels forced to you so you HAVE to think about the consequences of your doing.

Hope this can help you be productive and feel good about yourself!

Stay safe and see you soon,


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