Hello, hello, hello! I asked a question on instagram two weeks ago, about what struggles you guys are facing in your every day life! Well, the results are in and I am going provide you with tips how to overcome the struggles you picked most frequently.
The most selected was “feeling good about yourself and your choices” so we’ll start there!

My totally honest opinion: no one feels good about themselves at all times.
And I think a big part of this topic is looking back at your choices and regretting how you chose in the past.

I am going to decide for all of us that we are going to stop doing that as of this moment. You probably made that choice because you felt it was the right one at that time. So why regret it? If you listen to yourself and be true to yourself then you have no reason to regret your choices.
Even if you realize that something else might have worked out better for you you still learned something from that decision.
I recently read a quote and I want to share it with you because it is a perfect fit for this topic:

“There is no wrong choice. Only learning from our decisions whether good or bad.”

There is always something to learn so try not to be so hard on yourself about choosing something you might not choose today.
That being said, I think there are still bad choices. Like drunk driving, not wearing a seat belt and jumping into the water without knowing how deep it is.
And if you feel like you made a wrong decision you will make a different one in the future. So the more decisions you make whether good or bad the better you will be at making decisions.

How do you feel good about yourself?
First of all, why shouldn’t you? You are great! You are smart and nice and special! So you should feel great about yourself! But it’s not always that easy. We have bad days.

You know when you have done something that was really embarrassing for you but it wasn’t for anyone else? And you still lay awake at night just to relive that one specific moment you don’t even consciously remember? Yes, that sucks. You know what has made it 100% easier for me to live with those moments? I acknowledge that I feel embarrassed in that very moment and say it out loud. In 9 out of 10 cases I will just stand there saying “Wow, that was embarrassing.”. And you know why that has helped me? Because either everyone already felt that it was embarrassing for you and you can all have a good laugh or you can see in the way they are reacting that they didn’t even notice that you were embarrassed.
That is of course only a small step to help make you feel better about yourself.

I think the most important thing to feel good about yourself is to be your most authentic self. And this is quite difficult to define.
Are you more authentic the closer you are to the person you believe you are and want to be or are you more authentic if you just learn to listen to yourself even though you might not always like what you find?
I think you get the most energy out of being able to speak your truth. When you feel confident enough to talk about how you really feel.
I don’t mean to change your behavior. If you don’t like to talk about how you’re feeling that’s totally fine! But when somebody confronts you with their opinion I think you are being most authentic if you tell them what you think about that.

And of course we all have certain image of ourselves and how we are. And I think that that is partly commercials which are telling us to become our best selves. Maybe we are always our best selves if we listen to ourselves. If you can believe that you are always your best self even on days when you absolutely don’t feel like it you will be able to feel so much better about yourself. Because you are always you and you are always worthy of receiving love an attention. On some days you require more attention and on some days you just want to be left alone. That’s fine! You don’t have to pretend that you are fine. A lot of people are just not used to reacting to others who are not feeling well. Not everyone can give you what you need in those moments. But friends and family and all those close to you can absolutely handle you at your worst. If they can’t they really don’t deserve you at your best.
But remember, just because you are not feeling good doesn’t mean that you take others down with you. You don’t have to lift them up but it’s not their fault that you are not feeling good. Accept for when it is then talk about it!

You don’t have to be at your best to feel good about yourself because the biggest part of feeling good about yourself is just accepting that you’re human and no one can be top of their class everyday.

So my main tips for today are:
1) be authentic in what you’re doing
2) listen to how you feel and you can never make a wrong decision
3) accept yourself on your bad days and they won’t be bad days anymore
4) don’t be too hard on yourself for choices you made in the past, you had a reason to choose that way
5) be confident that people will accept you on your bad days, you might even be surprised
6) if you feel embarrassed, talk about it right away to release the embarrassment

That’s it on this topic for now!

Did this article help you? Let me know in the comments or contact me via instagram or the contact form on the right!

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