Welcome back! Today is going to be quite an essential topic. I want talk about what my goals in life are. Let’s also talk about what your goals in life are! And maybe you won’t be able to answer immediately and that’s fine. Because there is a lot that comes with thinking about your goals.

I will give you a little background. I always knew what I wanted to do with my life, I was never someone who had to think about what to do after school or what extracurricular activities to pick. Since I can remember I told everyone that I wanted to be an actress. And I was good at singing so I joined a choir and they did one musical every year. The older I got the more I realized that I loved singing and so I decided that musical theater would be better for me. My parents told me that I couldn’t become a musical theater actress because I was not a dancer. So I started doing ballet when I was 14 and I did hip hop and contemporary dance and took private lessons to get better. I applied to every school in Germany and Austria in my final year of high school and I only got spots at different private institutions but my goal was to become a musical theater actress so I decided to go. The first time that I did not know what to do was when I finished studying musical theater. Because I did not get a job right away and I was not always invited to auditions. And my job didn’t pay that much but I was babysitting a lot so I was able to even save up a little. And I believed that waiting was what I had to do because I was waiting to achieve my goal. For me that meant not earning a lot of money and never knowing if I would actually get hired in my profession.

I don’t believe this to be true anymore.

For the longest time in my life I thought that being on stage and being an actress was my goal in life. I thought I would be so happy doing what I loved that I didn’t need money.

I just recently allowed myself to step back and take a look at my goals.
And you know what I learned? First, you can have multiple goals. You can achieve all of them as long as you work for them. Second, one of my goals is to have money. I never wanted to admit it but it’s true. Not because I want to own a lot of money but because without it I can’t afford the lifestyle I want. I want to be able to choose the wholefood-products at the store. I want to help my siblings or friends if they need money. I want to be able to afford to fly home on short notice. I want to be able to afford to go to all the auditions not just some.

I thought wanting money was something to be embarrassed about. But it’s really not. It’s ok to want as much money as I like. I am not taking away other people’s money by earning it myself. I am deserving of money!

And you probably knew that I was going to say this BUT that is why I started my online business. Because I saw an opportunity to earn money and help others to earn just as much! How amazing is that?! And you don’t have to have a special education or anything. Just be willing to show up and do the work.

Here are some questions that might help you to find out what your goals are:
Is your goal to be happy? And what does happy mean for you? Does it mean working your dream job? And if so, does it matter if it is well paid or not? Do you consider yourself successful as soon as you get a job? Or do you want to help people? Do you want your job to be fulfilling? Or is your free-time enough to fulfill you?

And be honest! There is no shame in admitting that your goals are more complex than you made them out to be. It took me a long time to learn that. Maybe this post can help you get there faster!

As always, leave a comment or contact me via the contact form for questions or comments. I would love to hear them!

See you soon,


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