Heyah! How are things going? Nice to have you back! I want to start with a book recommendation:

I highly recommend reading “You’re A Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.

Here’s why:
Over the last few weeks I have talked to a bunch of friends about being an artist during this lockdown. In case you’re not surrounded by artists you might not have noticed this but this lockdown has been a nightmare for everyone in the show business. Theaters are closed, film crews have stopped shooting, concerts have been postponed or canceled. So, basically everyone in show biz is unemployed right now.
As you might know, when you work in theater as an actor or actress you are facing unemployment a lot. You find auditions which you then attend and maybe you’ll get the part. Most of the time you won’t. And it’s porbably not because you’re not good at your job or because you didn’t make an effort. So it is always hard to get a job in this business and right now the whole industry is shut down.

Anyways, since it has been hard for anyone to earn money, a lot of my friends are thinking about how they might be able to switch to jobs where they can earn money right now because noone knows when we will be able to be on stage again.
What I did was, I started an online business hoping that it can provide me with financial security. So far, it’s probably the best thing that happened to me in a long time because I am independent and I love my machines and what they do for my health. But let’s not get carried away.

What I also noticed is how being an artist is oftentimes associated with being poor or at least not having savings and if you are an artist then you are definitely not the one who books a long vacation without worrying about money.

But why do we think like that? I get that a lot of jobs in the business are paid poorly and that you’re not always employed and of course that makes it difficult to amass a fortune.

It’s really not about the wealth. It’s about being able to afford the life you always wanted and deserve.

Hear me out: What if we would change our mindset on money and believe that we deserve to be rich. Yes, you heard me – RICH! What if each of us found a way to earn money, for example online, to be financially secured but at the same time still able to work in theater to fulfill all our lifelong dreams?

That is where “You’re A Badass At Making Money” comes in. Jen Sincero, who was not rich for most of her life, has such a vivid way of describing how you’re life can change when you believe that money is not a bad thing and that you are deserving of having as much as you want. You don’t take other peoples money away by becoming rich yourself.

Do you want to travel the world? Has it always been you dream to buy a house but you were sure that you could never afford it?

Why is that? Because you chose to work in a field that you love? I refuse to believe that this should ban you into a life of barely coping financially.

Think about what you have to offer! Do you easily get why other people are struggling? Become a coach! Are you a badass singer with a lot of knowledge? Become a singing teacher! Do you love to write? Write an e book about all the knowledge you have to offer and self publish it! Do you want to start a conversation about a topic that you’re passionate about? Start a blog and monetize it!

All those suggestions can be done online! You can have complete location freedom! If you want time freedom as well, I recommend opening your own online business with something you are really passionate about so you can stop trading your time for money! If you need ideas for you business hit me up, I’d be happy to help!

Use the time you have been given (not by choice, I get it).

So, I guess what I’m saying is I really recommend giving the book a read. If you don’t know where to find it reach out via the contact form on the right and I will help you get it.

I hope this gave you something to think about! Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re up to.

See you soon,


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