Hey guys! Welcome to my lifestyle column. If you‘re confused about what this category is all about you have come to the right place. So, let me tell you about what this category is about for me.

By now, you probably know a little something about me, I studied musical theatre, I am an Enagic Distributor which means I have my own online business and I live in Vienna but I am originally from Germany (northern Germany). What you don‘t know yet is that I loooove food and coffee, I am very passionate about singing and sports and I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

I want to use this section for every day stuff like recipes, what a normal day looks like, what I do with my Kangen Water and how it has effected my every day life, some workouts and stretching routines as well as veganism and climate change. I also want to talk about things I find inspiring like quotes and books or a series AND whatever you guys want me to talk about. So hit that comment section and let me know what YOU want to hear! My youtube channel is going online soon, so stay tuned!

Lovely to have you here!

See you soon,


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